There is a false dichotomy within the Muslim community whereby Muslims believe that evolution is somehow detrimental to the theology of the Islam. This widespread phenomenon is trivial and it implies Muslims to be uneducated. Evolution, in general, does not affect our beliefs in any way shape or form and this false paranoia will not help us achieve anything in the long run. Prophet Noah (PBUH) lived for over 900 years and the people of ‘Ad were known to be giants, it’s only natural they have a different physiological body structure to ours (not claiming they do, just saying it is a possibility). Like anything in science, it is a tool to understand the world, therefore, we shouldn’t overemphasize its status and treat it in a religious manner i.e. Evolution Vs Islam like in the title.


Evolution is a vast topic and contains many subsections. Within it, there are many facts and there are many things yet to be proven. I’m not an expert in the field but I have done enough research to understand the conflicts with it and our religion. One of the hypothesis’ is that humans and apes came from a common ancestor, which goes back to a single celled organism. Certain fundamentalist atheists believe this is the case. We Muslims reject this because we believe that Adam was the first human on earth and he was created by Allah. The reality is, according to the secular scientists, this is the most PROBABLE idea, BUT there is no hard evidence to support this. Being probable does not equate it to being a fact. Other than this specific point, we have no other quarrels with evolution as a whole. I believe that within the next century or so, scientists will find this idea to be false.


Some Ex-Muslims would like to argue that the evidences point more towards humans having a common ancestor. Well academically, what they claim does not contain any weight because at the end of the day, this idea again is still only probable. Furthermore, when we look at the Qur’an historically, it has always proven to be correct even when certain other theories, contrary to the Qur’an, were the norm of the society but later found to be untrue. I believe this is the case with this matter so I would rather hold on to the view of our divine revelation when it has yet stood to be corrected. Remember science is always changing and the Qur’an is not, hence we should never use it as a standard to compare with the Qur’an.


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